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4/10/2024 - 5/30/2024

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Project Overview

Hypnotherapy office located in the heart of Missoula dedicated to betterment of all people.



Transcend Mind and Body, a new hypnotherapy practice in Missoula, Montana, faced the challenge of establishing an online presence that would effectively introduce their services to the community. Owned and operated by Stefanie Milks, a trained and licensed hypnotherapist, the practice needed a website that was welcoming, inclusive, and functional. Key requirements included a gender-neutral design, online booking functionality, easy content updates, and a platform to share audio recordings and other resources with clients.


We developed a custom website for Transcend Mind and Body using modern web technologies, including Next.js for the frontend and Sanity for the CMS. Key features and solutions implemented include:

  • Next.js for Performance: Leveraged Next.js to create a fast, responsive, and modern website.
  • Sanity CMS: Used Sanity for its flexible content management capabilities, allowing Stefanie to easily update the site's content without technical assistance.
  • Integration: Integrated for seamless online booking, enabling clients to view Stefanie’s availability and schedule appointments conveniently.

The website's design reflects the welcoming and inclusive approach of Transcend Mind and Body. The color scheme and imagery were carefully chosen to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, making visitors feel at ease and showcasing the potential benefits of hypnotherapy.

Sanity: A Powerful Tool for Content Management

Sanity was chosen for its flexibility and ease of use, making it an ideal solution for non-technical users. Key features of the implementation include:

  • Custom Content Types: Created tailored content types to meet the specific needs of the website, ensuring all sections and pages could be easily updated.
  • Library Section: Developed a "Library" section where Stefanie can upload and share articles and audio recordings. This allows clients to access valuable resources directly from the website.
  • Easy Audio Uploads: Enabled Stefanie to upload audio recordings directly from her iPhone, streamlining the process of sharing new content with clients.

When Stefanie creates a new library item in Sanity, she can specify whether it is an article, audio recording, or both, and provide all necessary details such as the title, description, and content. Once published, these items automatically become available on the website, where clients can browse the library, read articles, and listen to audio recordings at their convenience.


By leveraging modern web technologies like Next.js, Sanity CMS, and, we created a custom website for Transcend Mind and Body that met all of Stefanie’s requirements and more. The site's welcoming design, easy-to-use content management system, and seamless online booking functionality have received rave reviews from both Stefanie and her clients.

The new website for Transcend Mind and Body is a prime example of how Sanity can be used to create dynamic, engaging websites that are easy to update and maintain. Stefanie can now manage her entire online presence effortlessly, ensuring her clients always have access to the latest information and resources.

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